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Network Integration Division

HR Concept

1. Talent is the core for the enterprise development and competition.
  Powermax regards the talents as the first enterprise resources. The enterprise takes the talents as the fundamental premise for the enterprise development, adheres to the fundamental criteria of respecting talents and the fundamental task of promoting the joint development of the enterprises and employees.
  Make the best possible use of talents Powermax adheres to the people-oriented business philosophy, unites the talents with broad prospect and is committed to providing a stage for every staff to give full play to their talents; and through continuously creating opportunities for personal development, every type of talents have the opportunities and platform to success and realize the self-values.
  In respect of the personnel mechanism, Powermax adheres to the concept of respecting for talents and respecting for creation, fully mobilizes the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of every employee, so that every staff loves their jobs and does their best, and makes the best possible use of talents.


2. Joint development and sharing success
  The enterprise cannot succeed nor do the staffs succeed without the staff's efforts. To make the staff and enterprise to jointly growth and develop is always the talent development concept of Powermax.
  Powermax encourages employees to combine their own development and long-term planning, to provide a variety of growth and development modes. As a platform for employees to develop, enhance and realize the values, Powermax makes efforts to create good growth conditions for every staff, and provides employees with a broad development space, so that every employee can give play to the greatest potential and realize the joint development of employees and enterprise.