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        Shanghai Powermax Technology, Inc. is a sole subsidiary of the listed company “Wuhan Routon Electronic” (stock code: 600355), registered in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Park in October, 2002, which the company registered capital of 76 million CNY.
          There are more than 80% of the total number of employees hold bachelor degree or above. Among them, more than 20 doctors and masters from Zhejiang University and other famous universities and institutions to form the core of the elite research and development team of the company.The company has participated in the formulation and revision of over 20 national standards and industry standards, won over 100 national patents and undertook 4 national level research projects and more than ten municipal and district-level research projects.
          Powermax is comprehensive enterprise integrated which is specialized in industrial automation control system with design, research & development, manufacturing, sales and service. It has fully independent intellectual property rights of motor servo drive, multi-axis digital control, robots and other automation core technology. Now it manufactures and sales the whole series servo digital control system, universal servo, dedicated servo and other products. Among them, sewing machine digital control system industry ranked the first, which is the  “vanguard of industrial enterprise” in electronic and electronic control field of china sewing machinery industry.
          It is the first high-tech enterprise to conduct independent research and development of industrial sewing machine digital control systems. It is an high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, Shanghai science and technology giant enterprise, Shanghai corporate r&d institution, Shanghai innovative enterprise, Shanghai famous brand enterprise, Shanghai light industry outstanding brand and “vanguard of industrial enterprise” in electronic and electronic control field of china sewing machinery industry. The company repeatedly passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. Our products are sold at home and abroad.
         Powermax follows the development strategy “professional innovation and win-win cooperation”. Internally advanced servo control technology, motion control technology, power electronics technology and motor control technology as the core, Powermax specializes in researching and producing professional whole series servo drivers with industry characteristics.
          The company’s products comply with the relevant national and industry standard, pass the certification of foreign standards such as CE, ROHS, etc. They are extensively used in the processing of sewing, clothing, leather, bags and suitcases, etc. The company has formed strategic cooperation with many domestic leading enterprises in sewing machinery; the products are also exported to over 20 countries and regions such as Germany, Russia, Turkey, Southeast Asia around the world and trusted by users at home and abroad.
          In respect of the after-sales services, the company has established technical service centers over 30 regions in China on the basis of the original 9 after-sales services centers, commencing the construction of a full range of “services localization”. The company set up the overseas marketing service networks in Vietnam, Turkey and India, etc, to participate in the international market competition. Through cooperating with customers sincerely and comprehensively, setting its goals as providing the world's most stable, most reliable and free maintenance servo digital control system products and full range of services and pursuing innovation in technologies, quality excellence and good taste in brand, using the chance of depth fusion of compound information internet of things with manufacturing, providing the top-down whole set of intelligent automation solutions for the sewing equipment. Powermax manages to create a “professional, fine, special and new” Powermax which has become a world well-known brand and one of the world first-class enterprises.

Quality guideline

Customer First
 Form the intelligent products and a full range of services, so that customers can enjoy the benefits brought about by the high-tech.
Quality Priority
 Establish perfect quality management system to provide strong guarantee for high quality products.
People Orientation
 Employees grow together with the company whereas the company shares success with the employees.
Technological Innovation
 The company makes full use of the world leading core technology system, work for continuous technical innovation and product updating.